We now have unlimited house reef diving for as many dives per day as you want for one price.

Sharm el Sheikh Diving

Sharm el Sheikh Diving

The Sea Wind Diving  House Reef is often overlooked as a training site; but dive a little further into the bay and you will be amazed.  Become a house reef explorer and discover how much coral and fish life is just on our doorstep.

Our special House Reef Explorer offer gives you the opportunity to plan your own dives and go exploring at your own pace.  You will have an orientation dive with one of our Dive Guides and then you can go diving up to three times per day with your buddy.

The beauty of the House Reef is as a buddy pair you will quite often find yourself alone with the fish.  The tranquility of the site makes sightings of larger fish species quite common.  Quite often you will see Eagle Rays sweeping across the sea grass, turtles munching on soft corals and on occasion dolphins playing.

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