The Red Sea Diving Sea Wind team pride themselves in making sure your diving holiday in Sharm el Sheikh is an enjoyable and fun yet safe experience. That is why we recommend a check dive, if it has been a while since you dived or the Red Sea is new to you.

Our check dive is not a test of skills; it’s a nice relaxed shore dive with one of our experienced Instructors on our beautiful house reef just steps away from our center in Naama Bay.

As the Red Sea is very salty, you will need to adjust your weights; the check dive gives you the opportunity to do this, familiarize yourself with buoyancy control and with some of the basic SCUBA skills in a relaxed way.

Once you have tuned yourself and equipment to the Red Sea environment you can then get the best out of boat diving at some of the best diving sites in the world. A check dive makes sense, because we want you to feel comfortable and keep coming back for more as the Red Sea has so much to offer in amazing underwater sights.


1 dive


Refresh skills in the open water followed by a relaxing tour on the house reef.


A certified diver with less then 20 dives or inactivity of more than 6 months but less then 1 year.
Holder of a recreational dive license from a recognized diving agency

* Contact us for pre-booking rates or special offers.


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