PADI Introductory Dive

PADI Introductory Dive

PADI Introductory Dive

PADI Introductory Dive

If you have two hours to spare on your Sharm el Sheikh Holiday what better way to spend it than doing a PADI Introductory dive.

You most probably have tried snorkeling and seen the wonders of the Red Sea from above, so why not take the plunge, go underwater and dive with the fish. The PADI Introductory dive is an easy way to have an amazing experience and an unforgettable adventure.

One of our Professional PADI SCUBA Instructors will explain the basics of diving and then help you put the diving equipment on. Then it’s off to discover the underwater world. Your Red Sea – Sea Wind Instructor will be in constant contact with you during the PADI Introductory dive and will show you the most amazing sites. The shallow waters of the Red Sea are packed full of colourful fish and coral. This is a holiday experience you will always remember.
PADI Introductory dive
With the PADI Introductory dive program, you will have a quick briefing, and then it’s off to the sea for your underwater adventure.

Your Instuctor will be constant underwater contact with you. Our Instructor will gently guide you around the amazing sites of the Red Sea where you will see amazing colourful fish and corals.

+- 2 hours

Dive on our house reef to a max depth of 5m
Max 2 participants

Minimum age 10
* Contact us for pre-booking rates or special offers.

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