This preparation course gives you a head start on your IDC. Together with the Course Director you refresh some practical and theoretical skills done during your Divemaster training, on top of that you already get a taste of what to expect during your Instructor Development Course (IDC).


*This price does not include PADI materials or equipment rental. Please contact us for further details.

Whats involved?

It allows you to practice in an informal relaxed environment the theory and practical skills required for the IDC. It gives you the chance to improve your water skills to the demonstration quality required (even full time Divemasters need to ensure they are performing the skills to PADI Standards), it also covers the theory, which is required for the 5 exams, and an introduction to teaching in the classroom.

What does this qualification mean to me?

To help you prepare yourself for the IDC. Although this course is not a prerequisite for the IDC, but our previous students in our IDC’s benefited greatly by participating in the IDC Preparation Course.


3 Days


You must be renewed and in status PADI Divemaster(DM) or Assistant Instructor (AI) with experience of night, deep and navigation dives.

IDC schedule 2015

2015 2015 2015 2015 2015
IDC Prep 11th Feb 8th April 3rd June 26th Aug 19th Nov
AI 14th Feb 11th April 6th June  29th Aug  22nd Nov
OWSI 17th Feb 14th April 9th June  1st Sept  25th Nov
EFRI 23rd Feb 20th April  15th June 7th Sept 1st Dec
IE 24th & 25th Feb 21st & 17th April  16th & 17th June  8th & 9th Sept  2nd & 3rd Dec
SPECIALTIES 26th Feb 23rd April 18th June  10th Sept  4th Dec
Important Note

* Contact us for pre-booking rates or special offers. Egyptian residents are entitled to 30% discount


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