PADI Discover the Red Sea

PADI Discover the Red Sea



Learn to dive on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh with our exciting one day Discover Red Sea program. SCUBA diving in the Red Sea is an amazing experience not to be missed and with the PADI Discover diving program it is so easy you should take the plunge into an underwater adventure.

With the Discover Red Sea program and our expert Red Sea Diving Sea Wind team; you will learn a little about how SCUBA diving works and then have the opportunity to get comfortable with your equipment in the shallows of our house reef. Even in just a couple of meters of water you will be amazed at the warm clear water and the fish and coral life.

After a little break your Instructor will invite you to Discover Red Sea diving and will take you on a SCUBA dive to a maximum of 12 metres where you will be able to watch the colourful array of fish and see the amazing formations and colours of the coral gardens.

This one day session is the perfect taster for learning to SCUBA dive on holiday. With this program you can also do repeat dives with your Instructor or if you decide to continue the training will be credited towards your PADI Open Water certification.
PADI Discover Red Sea
What’s involved?

After a short introduction to the science behind diving, you will go into shallow water of our house reef and get to know your equipment. After a short break, it will be back into the water to do a SCUBA dive to a max of 12m depth with your Instructor.

You can gain credit towards the PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Scuba Diver course, or carry on and do repeat dives with us for the rest of your holiday.

1/2 day

Minimum age 10
* Contact us for pre-booking rates or special offers.


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