Dive more, have more fun and teach about your favorite subjects. PADI Specialty instructor courses provide valuable teaching tips for meeting the requirements of the course.

Price:100€ or 180€*
(dependent on no of dives required)

Did your IDC Unlimited with us? Then its FREE FOR LIFE**

*This price does not include PADI materials or equipment rental. Please contact us for further details. Instructor application fees are not included. They need to be paid directly to PADI.
**If course is scheduled around an IDC

Whats involved?

  • One knowledge development presentations
  • One or two open water teaching presentations integrating all skills from the PADI Specialty

What does this qualification mean to me?

Whether it’s Ice, Deep, Photography, Enriched Air Nitrox, or one of your own, PADI Specialty Instructors are out there scuba diving and training. Join the fun!

  • As a PADI Specialty Instructor, challenge your students to become PADI Master Scuba Divers
  • Increase your marketability as a PADI Professional

You’re on your way to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) with only five PADI Specialty Instructor ratings.


Variable depending on the Specialties you chose to undertake.


Renewed PADI Assistant Instructor (AI), PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or have completed an IDC or PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program within the past 12 month.

IDC schedule 2015

2015 2015 2015 2015 2015
IDC Prep 11th Feb 8th April 3rd June 26th Aug 19th Nov
AI 14th Feb 11th April 6th June  29th Aug  22nd Nov
OWSI 17th Feb 14th April 9th June  1st Sept  25th Nov
EFRI 23rd Feb 20th April  15th June 7th Sept 1st Dec
IE 24th & 25th Feb 21st & 17th April  16th & 17th June  8th & 9th Sept  2nd & 3rd Dec
SPECIALTIES 26th Feb 23rd April 18th June  10th Sept  4th Dec

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