PADI Open Water Diver e-Learning

PADI Open Water Diver e-Learning

PADI Introductory Dive

PADI Introductory Dive

If you are keen to jump straight into your SCUBA diving adventure at the Red Sea Diving Sea Wind for you.

Take the classroom portion out of your holiday and do it in the comfort of your own home. The flexibility of the internet will allow you to study at leisure, complete the theory online and start your Red Sea in water adventure as soon as you arrive in Sharm el Sheikh.

The PADI open water diver e learning course is designed for self learning and is easy. Simply print off the confirmation paperwork and bring it with you. If you are unsure of anything you can ask us via the email link and we will get one of our experienced PADI Instructors to get back to you. No classrooms just sun, sea and fun.

When you arrive in the resort, one of our Instructors will verify your PADI paperwork, do a quick review and then it is off to dive in the Red Sea to learn some SCUBA skills and open water dives.
PADI Open Water Diver e learning

What’s involved?

Once the PADI paperwork has been verified you will do a quick review with your instructor and then hit the water to learn the SCUBA skills and open water dives.
What does this qualification mean to me?

You will be qualified to 18m depth and are able to dive with a buddy independently.

3 days

Completing the theory and exam may be done by clicking here
All students must bring the certificate of passing the e-learning program
Minimum age 10 and the ability to float for 10 mins and swim 200m unaided and without stopping
* Contact us for pre-booking rates or special offers.

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